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Team Building
June 2015
In June 2015, NICE Labor Union held the rice dumpling making match to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. Dr. Wei Chang, President and CEO of NICE, expressed his greetings to all the staff. Professional chefs were invited to give on-site coaching for how to make rice dumplings. Finally, five panelists from NICE voted to get the ranking. After the match, the staff brought their rice dumplings back home to share with their families.

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June 2014
In June 2014, NICE Labor Union held the Table Tennis Fun Games at the square in front of the south gate. The games were primarily around table tennis including five matches: ball-holding relay, chopsticks-picking-ball relay, blowing ball, tug-of-war, long rope skipping. All the staff actively participated with high spirits, enjoying the happy moments. Dr. Wei Chang, President and CEO of NICE, presented the certificates to the final winners.

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